The big screen remake of the popular Hanna-Barbera '70s-era Saturday morning cartoon 'Hong Kong Phooey' has just snagged a famous lead: Eddie Murphy will voice Penry, the anthropomorphic dog who lives a secret life as martial arts expert and number one super pooch Hong Kong Phooey.

The film, which is tentatively scheduled for 2014 release, will be a live-action-animation hybrid. Murphy is no stranger to voice work, lending his pipes to Donkey in the 'Shrek' franchise and the dragon in 'Mulan.'

"We could not be happier that Eddie Murphy will star as Phooey," said the movie's producers. "There is no overstating his contributions to cinema, and to such enduring stars of family entertainments such as ‘Shrek’ and ‘Dr. Doolittle.’ We look forward to watching him re-imagine yet another classic character.”

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