You may wear organic cotton and carefully avoid apparel made in sweatshops, but what do you do with all those items when you're done with them? If you're wearing footwear from OAT Shoes, the answer is simple -- bury them.

The environmentally-friendly Dutch company, founded by designer Christiaan Maats, makes sneakers entirely of biodegradable materials with flower seeds embedded in the tongue.

So when they've lived a full life of pounding the pavement, give them a proper burial and a little water. If all goes according to plan, they'll sprout beautiful wildflowers -- and even if they don't, they'll still completely biodegrade within a few months.

Right now the shoes can be purchased at retail shops in the Netherlands and Belgium and are also available for shipping to European countries. Hopefully, they'll soon be available in the US too.

[via The Digitalistas]