At first, we thought this video couldn't possibly be real. But after watching it several more times, it really does appear like this woman in Alaska caught an eagle, a fox and two cats hanging out peacefully on her front porch. Despite how it looks, this isn't a scene from 'Dr. Dolittle.'

After 58-Year-Old Pam Aus opened her front door, she noticed the animals calmly staring back at her. And, incredibly, all of them seem to be coexisting in harmony.

Aus has filmed her two cats, who are hilariously named Gizmo and Suitcase, interacting with eagles before at her home near the city of Unalaska in the Aleutian Islands. (See videos below). But this is the first time she has ever caught such a strange animal gathering on her front porch.

In fact, all the animals are so oddly quiet and composed that it looks like they're waiting to be invited in. "I was in my room on the computer and I heard the eagle squawking," said Aus. "I looked out my windows and saw this. It's kind of common for the foxes to be friendly and non-aggressive -- same with the eagles. But seeing all three there was exciting. They all just sat there."

Attention Dreamworks -- we have the trio for your next wacky animated movie.