When Boston Red Sox fans saw Dustin Pedroia leave the field mid-game after a discussion with Bobby Valentine, they were probably thinking the worst. A dust up between the team's manager and star second baseman would be an unpleasant capper to a season full of clubhouse chemistry problems and losing.

But, when you watch the video of their on-field conversation, you'll notice that Pedroia and Valentine don't seem angry at each other. In fact, when Pedroia darts off the field, he seems pretty excited.

Which is the proper response to learning your wife is in labor, which is what it turned out Valentine was telling him.

It's the second child for Pedroia and his wife Kellie. In 2009, Pedroia missed the All Star Game so he could witness the birth of his first child.

Now the questions is whether Pedroia would leave a late season game against the hated Yankees if the Red Sox were still in contention. We won't know that unless Pedroia has a third kid. (Assuming the Red Sox are ever good again.) But, for now, he gets some dad of the year points for his reaction. Check out the video below.