There are over 400 million tweets per day on Twitter. Our math department here at TheFW says that amounts to around 2.8 billion tweets a week. We've gone through each and every one of those tweets to bring you the 10 Dumbest Tweets of the Week.

Accidental Racist' -- the wildly misguided collaboration between Brad Paisley and LL Cool J. Twitter also had some stupid stuff to say about Wrestlemania, and the late Margaret Thatcher and

That quote would land any Tweet on this list. But perhaps it's only fair to see what LL Cool J had to say about the whole thing: 

Wow. We had no idea LL Cool J knew how to write in ancient Hebrew. Impressive!

Hate to break it to you Hira, but it probably smells like a locker room.

Thanks for sharing, Princess! Margaret Thatcher would have admired your candor. At least there were some Hollywood luminaries out there who mourned the loss:

Tara Reid's performance in 'Body Shots' had the Iron Lady's influence written all over it.

May we suggest Eau de Doucette?

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