There are over 400 million tweets per day on Twitter. Our math department here at TheFW says that amounts to around 2.8 billion tweets a week. We have gone through each and every one of those tweets to bring you the 10 Dumbest Tweets of the Week.

Guess we need to start preparing for Bulgarian missile strike threats now.

It's tweets like these that make us happy the Library of Congress has decided to archive all of Twitter.

Speaking of Dennis Rodman, Twitter just welcomed new user Phil Jackson. This first tweet from the legendary coach is fiendishly dumb. With people ready to jump on top of Jackson for not knowing how to use a computer, he followed it up with this tweet. Always one step ahead, Zen Master!

Deep thoughts from a container of yogurt.

Success must also make you really mad.

If only Herman Cain were elected President, we wouldn't be wasting all this money on snail-sex!

There really needs to be a #JEAH on the end of this one.

Justin Bieber is not a band. Come on!

Glad you cleared that one up.

Looks like someone just enrolled in a philosophy class!

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