'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek has been known as the guy who gives the smart answers on his show, but recently, he got a brilliant one from one of his contestants.

Duke senior Greer Mackebee competed on 'Jeopardy's' annual college tournament. Even though he was smart enough to pass the contestant exam to get on the show, he clearly would've killed his chances to get on the show if the exam included a "contestant banter" portion of the test.

He starts talking to Alex about a rather unique hobby: building concrete canoes. When Alex asks "How do you get into that," Greer suffers what appears to be a "senior moment" (senior citizen, that is) and utters a response that should've cost him at least $200 from his score.

Don't feel bad, Mackebee. You're not the first person to make a fool of yourself on 'Jeopardy' and you certainly won't be the last. At least you didn't give up an entire category to one of your fellow contestants, or get a question wrong that was about something you said, the way Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did on his 'Jeopardy!' appearance. Heck, even 'Jeopardy!' god Ken Jennings uttered one of the biggest slip-ups in the show's history. So you're in good company, smart guy.

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