The stuffy PBS period piece 'Downton Abbey,' which chronicles life within aristocratic society, gets hilariously mocked in this parody called "Downton Arby's." Needless to say, it stands to be much, much funnier than the original. Also, more horse sauce-y.

Starring Richard Kind, Matt Walsh, Erin Gibson, Jennie Pierson and others, this send-up follows the denizens of an Arby's as they struggle to find an heir to the franchise, get romantic around the deep fryer and plot to sabotage an inspection by the corporate office. Oh, and did we mention that Kind speaks in a faux British accent and wears a tuxedo?

If you happen to find the original a bit too highfalutin', then you may want to consider this fast food-themed version. But, as one character points out, please make sure you get the name right. It's "Downton," not "Downtown."

What do you think? How does this spoof compare to the original series?