Oh, great. Now, we have to worry about "doomsday fish."

According to NextShark.com, divers recently spotted a giant oarfish off the northeast coast of Taiwan.

Divers estimated the fish, which was found in shallow waters, measured 6-feet long.

Next Shark explains that oarfish "are deep-dwelling species that typically inhabit the mesopelagic zone, a region situated between 200 meters (approximately 658 feet) to 1,000 meters (approximately 3,280 feet) below the ocean's surface"

The fish might have taken a detour while out for a swim, or there might be a more serious reason it was nowhere near deep waters.

Why Are They Known As 'Doomsday Fish?'

According to Yahoo, it is a popular belief in Japanese culture that the presence of an oarfish in shallow waters means a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami is imminent.

The article states "the oarfish is revered as 'Messenger From The Sea God's Palace' and has gained a reputation as a harbinger of impending doom."

One of the most notable instances of descending doom after a fish sighting was a massive earthquake rumbling the Philippines in 2017. Six oarfish were spotted in the area just prior to that according to National Geographic.

The website says oarfish are known as being "the worlds longest bony fish" with some growing up to 30 feet in length.

Has A 'Doomsday Fish' Ever Been Found In The U.S.?

It's been a while, but there have been oarfish found in the U.S.

According to NBC News, a 13.5-foot oarfish (relatively small by oarfish standards) washed ashore on a southern California island in 2015.

No specific "doom" was attributed to that fish spotting, although it was dead by the time it was found in California.

We'll have to wait to see if the most recent oarfish spotting will lead turn into catastrophe or remain folklore.

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