It's another win for Donald Trump.

The president-elect has been named TIME magazine's Person of the Year for 2016. The magazine makes its selection based on "the individual who has had the most influence on events for better or worse" and doesn't back away from his polarizing nature, noting, "There's a profound argument about whether his influence was for the better or for the worse."

Despite the fact Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pummeled Trump in the popular vote, he crushed her in the electoral vote, which is the one that counts. The vast majority of pundits did not see a Trump victory in the cards, a testament to how his controversial message galvanized those who believe in him.

Trump, who has spent a grand total of zero days in public office, remains a divisive figure in the American landscape and that shows no signs of changing. His supporters love him for speaking his mind, even if it's not considered politically correct, while his detractors point out everything from his radical appointments to his Cabinet to his stance on Muslims to his penchant for tweeting at odd hours to flip-flopping on many issues.

History will determine if Trump is a president who manages to bridge the chasm that so clearly exists right now and whether he fulfills the promises he has made to his base.

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