For some mysterious reason, February 23rd is known as International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. It seems likely that dogs managed to get a hold of a calendar somewhere and decided to mark this day, so to speak, in order to get more treats. Clever pups.

In celebration of this delicious day for dogs and the crafty canine who must have made it so, we found a selection of videos involving dogs and treats and what dogs will do for the love of biscuits.

Little Dog Steals Biscuits From Big Dog

This brave (and treat-crazed) Yorkie steals a biscuit from a rather large, but patient, pit bull. We don’t advise taking biscuits from a bigger dog, but we can understand why the little dog would do so. Look how much more he gets.

Impressive Eye Trick

This little guy will risk having his eyes stick that way for a biscuit. We’ve never seen a dog cross his eyes on command before, so this trick definitely deserves a treat. But, please, save his eyes and teach him to roll over too.

Find the Hidden Biscuit

Victor the German Shepherd has to use his powerful sense of smell to figure out where his favorite treat has been hidden. Dogs know that the best use of their nose is for finding their delicious biscuits, no matter where the humans hide them.

Synchronized Biscuit Eating

Time to double the treat fun with more German Shepherds. This pair of pups waits serenely for the command to toss the treats off their noses and catch them. They deserve many biscuits because they have coordinated their efforts in a virtual dog biscuit ballet.

Extreme Patience Wins a Biscuit

These two patient pooches endure a long and excruciating waiting period before they get their biscuits. Certainly, they must go to some very Zen, dog happy place to sit so still and wait so patiently for the command to eat their beloved biscuits.

Tricks With Biscuits For Biscuits

Last year, we showed you this talented dog who can balance a giant stack of treats on his nose with ease. Here he is again, lying on his back, balancing biscuits on his chin and paws. Knick knack paddywack, give this dog a bone.

Even Cats Like Dog Biscuits

This sneaky little thief proves that it’s not just dogs who love dog treats. And, his dark coloring gives him a stealthy advantage, although he seems to have been caught in the act this time.

Pooch With Amazing Balloon Popping Skills

Strangely enough, this dog appears to prefer balloons to biscuits. She even holds a Guinness Book of World Records title for popping 100 balloons in 44.49 seconds. Anastasia, you deserve a biscuit.

Give a Dog a Biscuit Over Twitter

To celebrate the day, you can give the lovely Sela a treat through the miracle of modern technology and the internet with this robotic instant message treat dispenser. We can’t tell if this is actually working right now, but you can follow @seladog on Twitter and give her a treat from there.

Not a Dog Biscuit, But a Dog, “Biscuit”

This dog named Biscuit is a skilled climber. She loves rock climbing with her owner and has gotten to new heights with her talent. We don't see it here, but we do hope she gets a biscuit after a good climb.