We train our animals to be loyal and obedient, so it tends to irk us when our furry friends refuse to listen. But every once in awhile, we're grateful to our animals when they make the choice to disobey us. Enter Chase, Suffolk county's latest hero pooch and bad listener.

On Monday morning, 76 year old Dr. Jerome Nadler set out on a fishing trip to Caleb Smith State Park in Suffolk County, New York. When he did not return home that day his family became nervous and contacted the police. What followed was a full-blown 72-hour search mission involving helicopters, boats, divers and foot patrols to carefully comb the 543 acre park. One of the animals dispatched to the scene was a four year old German Shepherd named Chase. Quick on the scent, the dog tracked the unconscious doctor and refused to leave the man's side -- even after repeated calls from his handler -- until rescuers could find them both.

When rescuers finally found the duo, they discovered Nadler semi-conscious and covered in bug bites. He was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors reported that he was dehydrated, in serious condition, but expected to be okay.

Police and family of the internist are hailing the canine as a true hero, and are nothing but grateful he chose not to listen to his handler. Good dog!