Dogs may be Sith Lord-battling, ice cream-loving, tail-chasing goofballs, but every now and then a pooch accomplishes a truly amazing feat. Take Bucky, for example, a black Labrador who traveled an astounding 500 miles to find its owner.

In January, South Carolina resident Mark Wessells left Bucky with his father in Virginia because he was unable to keep dogs at his home. The pooch disappeared a short time later, however, and the family feared he had been stolen.

Somehow, Bucky managed to travel nearly 500 miles on foot back to South Carolina, where he was taken in by a man named Brett Gallagher. After he took the dog in for a checkup, a veterinarian discovered a microchip and notified Wessells that his pooch was back in town.

Needless to say, Wessells was stunned. "I thought I was going to cry but I didn't. He definitely recognized me instantly. He still remembers some of his old commands and everything. It's almost like he never left," he said.

According to Wessells, he's excited that Bucky is home and plans to never leave him again. Wise move. Clearly, even if he tried to abandon the dog again, it wouldn't do him any good.