This story has a fairy "tail" ending.

A dog that was lost at sea and presumed dead turned up safe and sound earlier this week in California's San Clemente Island five weeks after going missing.

Luna, a one-and-a-half-year-old German shepherd, fell overboard in February while on a fishing boat with her owner, Nick Haworth. It's unclear how the pooch wound up in the water. “One moment Luna was there and the next she was gone,” Haworth said

A search for Luna yielded no results, so it was believed she had died. Haworth was crushed and had paid tribute to his fallen friend:

Fast forward five weeks. Navy officials spotted her Luna sitting by the side of the road. They believe she swam to shore and survived by eating bugs, although she was slightly undernourished. Despite her ordeal, she was in relatively good condition.

Luna was reunited with Haworth on Wednesday, who was thrilled the dog returned.

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