In a Doritos' Super Bowl 2012 commercial, a man working in his garden becomes suspicious when he sees his Great Dane burying what appears to be the collar of a missing cat.  Next thing the man knows he's staring eye to eye with the pooch, who's realized his master has caught him getting rid of evidence of a heinous crime.

To buy his silence the dog slips his owner a bag of Doritos with a note attached reading 'You didn't see nuthin.''

The commercial's punchline comes when the man takes the Doritos inside and happily devours the bag. 'Honey, have you seen the cat?' asks his wife from another room.

Pretty funny stuff, and the USA Today's annual Super Bowl ad ranking panel agreed, giving the 'Man's Best Friend' spot the highest score of 2012. Since the commercial was created for Doritos by Jonathan Friedman as part of a costumer contest, Doritos will pay Friedman one million dollars for the USA Today ad panel win.

We just hope he shares some of his loot with the Great Dame, who's name is Huff and plays quite a convincing murderer.