Even man's best friend is not immune to an illusion -- even when there really is no illusion.

This dog is quenching his thirst from a water bowl when something bizarre happens. He becomes puzzled when he sees the painting of a bone at the bottom of the bowl. So, he does what any confused canine would do: he tries to eat the bone. When that fails, he paws at it, also to no avail.

So, yes, dogs also fall prey to tricks that play with our eyes and our minds. To us, it's pretty obvious the bone is nothing but an image painted in the bowl, but poor Fido thinks it's the perfect toy to unwind after getting his drink on. Maybe that means dogs didn't understand all the hoopla surrounding #thedress.

Now, if someone could only just explain to dogs that there's no reason to run when the vacuum cleaner is on.

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