Despite blowing away box office records in its opening weekend, reaction to 'Paranormal Activity 3' has been mixed.

Reviews were so-so, while fans are claiming that the trailer failed to properly represent the movie. In fact, they've taken to (where else?) Facebook and Twitter to voice their grievances.

Over on Twitter, @_Chloewilson says:

"just watched the paranormal activity trailer and there's definitely a bit in it that's not in the movie."

@Film4FrightFest concurs,

"Has anyone noticed how much cut footage is in the 'Paranormal Activity 3' trailer? It's almost like a different film."

And these viewers aren't alone in their reactions.

Of course, the practice of movie trailers containing scenes that aren't actually in the finished film is common in Hollywood. Sometimes there are scenes that were filmed that were eventually edited out after the trailer was put together, and sometimes footage is filmed specifically for a trailer.

So are fans justified in feeling that the 'Paranormal Activity 3' trailer mislead them? Check it out below and tell us. [WARNING: CONTAINS FOOTAGE THAT MAY BE TOO INTENSE FOR SOME VIEWERS]. Does it irritate you when studios do this? Will you be seeing 'Paranormal Activity 3' this weekend?

[via Adweek]