You know your car make. You know the model. You know the color. But what about the license plate?

Our lives are inundated with numbers -- phone number, Social Security number, waist size, shoe size, train arrival time and football scores are just the tip of digit iceberg. And one of the most important numbers is on the license plate on our car. Like your nosy mother, it's always there, so we don't think twice about it.

And while phone numbers have become increasingly easy to forget with the proliferation of people storing them in their contacts, knowing your license plate number seems like it should be a no-brainer. But, is it? Quick -- recite your license plate number right now. Could you do it? Did you make it past the third character? The second? The first?

It's important to know. If your car is stolen, the plate will be one of the first things you're asked about. But it's also more elemental than that. It's one of those things that you never really to stop to think about, but once you do know, you may find yourself flustered, the same way you might if you accidentally log out of Facebook and then have to type in your password, which you haven't done since 2010.

Then again, maybe you've circumvented the whole issue with vanity plates. "LUVRBOY" is way too easy to forget, right?