The1996 movie 'Fear' was one of the first big roles for A-listers Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg. In the thriller, Witherspoon's character and her family are violently harassed by her ex-boyfriend played Wahlberg (or Marky Marky, as everybody called him back then). At the time, a major appeal of the movie to young female fans was Wahlberg's chiseled physique and very scary face.

Which is why Witherspoon was so shocked when she heard from MTV News that Justin Bieber may be planning to remake 'Fear."

"Is he playing me?  Is he playing Mark Wahlberg?" Witherspoon asked, wondering the same thing that anybody who's seen 'Fear' and Justin Bieber was probably wondering.

Then she realized she had just insulted the great Biebs and started backtracking, talking about how talented the pint-sized pop star is, and how his documentary 'Never Say Never' was "worthwhile."

So hopefully that will prevent Bieber's legion of loyal fans from going all "Fear' on poor Reese.
[via DListed]