Herman Cain has had a lot of bumps on the campaign trail. Now he's being accused of stealing a line from 'The Simpsons Movie' during a speech.

Previously, some have accused Cain of swiping his famous 9-9-9 tax plan from the default settings of the video game 'Sim City.' Others have noticed similarities between a statement Cain made during a GOP debate and the theme song from 'Pokemon: The Movie 2000.'

At a campaign event in New Hampshire on Thursday, Cain further fueled the fire that he's getting his talking points from pop culture when he told the crowd that "We need a leader, not a reader."

This line happens to be very similar to something the President Arnold Schwarzenegger character said in 'The Simpsons Movie.'

Of course, it could simply be a case of both Cain and 'The Simpsons' writers enjoying a good rhyme. But when you add it up with the previous instances, it makes a case for Herman Cain earning the title of "pop culture thief."

Check out clip from 'The Simpsons Movie' below and judge whether or not Cain stole the line from President McBain, er, Schwarzenegger.

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