It may be gimmicky and a little goofy, but we love it when films decide to do a little viral marketing by scaring people, like 'Carrie' did in the recent past. In this prank, 'Devil's Due' has sent a demon baby out into the streets of New York City to scare the living crap out of people.

Imagine you're just walking down the street when you see a baby carriage that's unattended. Like the people in the video above, you'd probably be hit with pangs of concern and want to peek in on the baby, to make sure it's alright. Then, of course, you'd want to find its parents or guardians, all of whom are probably worried sick about the little bundle of joy.

But, instead of finding a crying child, you find a demonic baby that spews vomit and flips off cops. Understandably, you'd react the way most of the passersby in the video did and run away scared. What a genius marketing ploy. We're not sure just how successful the move will be, but it's certainly funny as all hell and makes for some great reaction shots.

One of our personal favorite parts in the prank video is the one gentleman who doesn't seem to be fazed at all by the fact that there's a stroller that's roving around on its own, piloted by a demon baby that's projectile-vomiting everywhere. We shudder to think of the things that he's seen that he'd consider worse.

Watch the video above and prepare yourself for some laughs!

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