We appreciate designer stuff as much as anybody, but German fashion house Jil Sander has taken boutique items to an entirely new level by creating a paper bag that retails for hundreds of dollars. Accustomed to throwing paper bags away after one use? Not with this one you don't.

The "Vasari" paper bags, which are part of Sander's fall line for men, come in brown, matte and black and are available in two sizes -- small ($273.12) and medium ($288.73). They also feature durable coated paper, stitched seams, metal eyelets and a stylish "rectangular silhouette." Oooh!

But if you're looking to class up your humble brown bag lunch, you'll need to act fast. The medium bags are already sold out, according to the retail website LN-CC.

What do you think? Would you pay nearly $290 for a paper bag? Or does this seem a bit extreme?