A rejected 'The X Factor' aspirant got the last word against the judges this week. When Demi Lovato offered this middle-aged performer some condescending comments about his career prospects, she suddenly found one of her own weaknesses — her reliance upon auto-tune for smooth vocals — thrown right back in her face.

Video of the man's actual performance has yet to surface; it's been reported that he sang an uncomfortably-sexual tune to a 16-year-old member of the crowd. That could explain fellow judge Britney Spears' apparent discomfort with the disgruntled fellow. It's just as likely, however, that Britney was just reacting to the sting of his auto-tune comment. Heaven knows she's relied on every technical enhancement in the book, and is notorious for lip-synching during her concerts.

Either way, the most priceless moment is Simon Cowell's reaction to the taunt, which came very close to being a full spit-take. Clearly he knows a serious burn when he sees one.