'X-Factor'-judge and former Disney tween starlet Demi Lovato has battled bullies growing up and has also struggled with mental health issues two years ago, which included both an eating disorder and cutting. Now she has a new title that will allow her to help teens who face similar issues. 

In a interview, she relates a few incidents; some of which include CD-bashing parties, hate petitions, etc. The struggle to become well was a long one, but Lovato pulled through and is now using her negative experiences to create something positive: she was recently named  ambassador for Secret's new anti-bullying campaign, "Mean Stinks." (Get it? Because they're a deodorant?)

On Thursday morning, the young star surprised the students of the New York City's Young Women's Leadership School to discuss the program and ways that they can have a "drama-free" school year. One of the ideas put forth by the "Mean Stinks" campaign is for young women to make a "pinky-swear" pledge to not bully their peers, and as a reminder of that promise, to wear blue nail polish on their pinky fingers. Demi Lovato and the Secret hopes that other girls will become curious about the unusual nail polish design and once they hear about the pledge, will also decide to take part in the campaign as well.

Lovato also revealed that she too will be wearing the blue pinky nail polish in the hopes that it will be both a conversation starter and an inspiration for young women everywhere; to show them that they can make a positive change in the lives of others.

For those who would also like to contribute to the cause, for every purchase of the "Mean Stinks" Clinical Strength deodorant, the Secret will donate $1 to further their campaign; and you may find out more information at their Facebook page.