You think Donald Trump is the most unlikely presidential candidate? Think again.

Someone named Deez Nuts has filed papers with the Federal Election Commission to run for president. And not only is he running, he's actually gaining supporters, earning 9% of the vote in a poll against Trump and Hillary Clinton in North Carolina. He has similar numbers in Iowa and Minnesota, as well.

All of this begs the question: who exactly is Deez Nuts.

Mr. Nutz is actually a 15-year-old boy from Iowa named Brady Olson whose identity has been outed by the Daily Beast.

Olson cannot legally become president, due to his age, but he does have aspirations of taking this candidacy far, as he told the Daily Beast:

The next step is to get some party nominations, like the Minnesota Independence Party or the Modern Whig Party."

Olson also told Rolling Stone that he has no intention of putting a stop to his run. When asked how far he would go with it, he said, "As far as America wants to take it."

And when asked about what he was trying to accomplish, he said, "Half trying to break the two-party system, half frustration with the front-runners."

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