Selfies are hazardous to your health.

This may be hard to believe, but more people have died this year by taking a selfie than by shark attack. That's right -- 12 people have died while in the act of taking a selfie compared to the eight who have perished via shark.

Who knows why this is? Maybe we're putting ourselves in harm's way because we're not focused on the road. Maybe we're just not in the right place to snap the perfect photo. Maybe we don't stop to think the photo we're taking is just plain dumb. Like, really dumb.

Of course, there is always the nutball who feels the need to take photos after a shark attack, putting him in even more danger.

So, the next time you chow down on a yummy breakfast and decide to do the selfie thing, make sure you pay a little attention and don't choke.

Happy snapping, everyone.

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