Dave Chappelle has kept a fairly low-profile since he abruptly quit the oft-quoted 'Chappelle's Show' in 2005. But the funnyman may have just resurfaced on Twitter, perhaps the most high profile medium on the internet for professional and would-be comedians.

On Tuesday, an un-verified Twitter page purportedly belonging to Chappelle sent out its first tweet. By Friday it had amassed close to 150,000 followers, suggesting folks thinks it is the real deal.

Fellow comedian Aziz Ansari has also vouched for the page's authenticity. "Follow Dave Chappelle: @chappelledavidk. It's him. Trust," Ansari tweeted. Judd Apatow and Neal Brennan are among other in-the-know comedy types who have endorsed the new page.

So far, Chappelle fans who are hoping for hilarious anecdotes about Rick James and Prince in 140 characters or less are bound to be disipointed by @chappelledavidk. In fact, the feed is like a lot of Twitter accounts -- downright boring.

Chappelle tweets

Those three fairly pedestrian tweets pretty much some up the 10 tweets the legendary comic has sent out since entering the Twittersphere. Maybe it's just a case of Chappelle finding his feet on the microblogging service. But until he starts knocking out some funnier messages we're not going to be entirely convinced it's him.