Ever since news broke that Disney purchased Lucasfilm, AKA the 'Star Wars' franchise, tons of Disney-meets-Star-Wars art has hit the net. It's not only really cool, the art also helps us to picture what it'll be like when the sci-fi franchise is immersed in cartoon land.

While it might not be so difficult to imagine Luke Skywalker and good ole' Yoda parading around their new home in Disney World, there's one 'Star Wars' character that could face a weird transition into the realm of Mickey and princesses-- Darth Vader.

How the heck will the ultimate Dark Lord deal with extra happiness and kiddie rides and Cinderella's castle 24/7? Join in on the fun, of course!

According to this recently-released Disney commercial, we can expect Darth Vader to ride around in the teacups, take a spin on the carousel and watch Belle in a princess parade.

This whole Disney thing is making Darth Vader a major softie!

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