Darth Vader wants to own a little piece land in the Ukraine. A man from the Black Sea port of Odessa applied for 1,000 square meters of free land offered by the Ukrainian government dressed as the infamous 'Star Wars' villain. May the Force be with you, land applicant.

The bold man didn't just apply for the land in full costume -- he was accompanied by John Williams' famous "Imperial March' theme and even introduced himself to security guards as "the right hand of Emperor Palpatine."

This wasn't just the random chance of a 'Star Wars' geek to carve out his own piece of land, possibly for his Earth-based shield generator for a Death Star in outer space. The man said he did it as part of a symbolic protest against the Ukrainian government handing out free parcels of land to anyone who comes asking for it by claiming that administrators and officials have "switched to the dark side."

The Russian news agency RT captured Vader's entire application process on video. Check it out below.

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