This man is going out of his way -- way out of his way -- to make sure he has a memorable Father's Day with his little girl.

Francisco Tafoya, of Las Cruces, N.M., is walking 80 miles to Fabens, Texas to see his daughter, whom he hasn't seen since his ex-wife took her to Philadelphia to live last November. Not that she's back in the area, Tafoya is determined to see her. Unfortunately, he has some car issues and money problems, so he's decided to go on foot, which is no easy task in that region of the country, since breaking triple digits on the thermometer is a regular occurrence.

As of this Thursday, when Tafoya stopped by 93.1 KISS El Paso to talk about his journey, he still had another 37 miles ahead of him. And let's not discount the fact he's hauling a 40-pound backpack to make the challenging trip that much more challenging.

So, you may be asking yourself, why didn't he hit somebody up for money or bum a ride? He said, "I want her to have something that she's gonna remember...For me to do something for her, I think she'll appreciate that when she's older."

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