Forget anybody else you hear about: the dad of the year contest has already been won.

Bryan Morseman, from Steuben County, NY, recently won three marathons in eight days, with the money going to help pay the medical bills of his son, who has spina bifida.

Morseman, 29, has won 23 out of the 42 marathons he's run since 2008, but each won he wins now has a practical purpose.

His 9-month-old son, Leeim, continues to battle his condition and inspires him:

Every time I'm in a race I think of him and how my pain is nothing compared to what he has gone through. He gives me the energy shot to pick me up and carry me through to the finish."

Morseman's three-wins-in-eight-days odyssey began March 14 in Montgomery, Alabama when he topped the field in 2:24:40. The very next day he took the Tobacco Road Marathon in Cary, North Carolina, competing merely because it was on his way home. In that race, he finished 13 minutes ahead of the second place runner.

On March 22, he completed his unlikely trifecta in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

He collected a total of $5,750 for his efforts.

Leeim, meanwhile, was diagnosed with spina bifida before birth and while he undergoes physical therapy three times a week it's unclear if he'll ever be able to walk.

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