Being a father can be a pretty thankless job. But don't worry, dads -- your day will come.

In this relatable video perfectly timed for Father's Day, a man humorously talks about the frustration of being in a house where his son only wanted mommy. From the simple, but important, tasks of tying shoes and filling the sippy cup, it can sometimes feel like a child is convinced mom is the only superhero who possesses the skills to get things done, while a father stands by helplessly.

But you know what? At some point, Junior is going to come around and realize you're pretty amazing, too, and needs you as much as he needs his mommy.

So, just hang tight while mom continues to be the only magical one who can bathe him and drive him to preschool. And you know what? Enjoy it now because pretty soon you're going to be the man -- and you'll be so busy tending to his needs you won't have a moment to yourself. And that will be a sweeter gift than anything you'll ever get for Father's Day.

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