An adorable Dachshund puppy named Madeline taunts a harried ghost crab in this charming video. Sure, it all could've ended in tragedy with a clipped snout, but, fortunately, it doesn't. It's cute through-and-through.

Madeline seems either unaware or uncaring of the crab's sharp claws and hounds it (pun!) all the way across the beach and down to the shoreline. Despite showing some remarkable agility, the crab never quite makes it past the prancing puppy.

But after a minute-and-a-half of torture, the crab finally reaches the water and makes a break for freedom. Madeline, meanwhile, looks around in confusion after her crustacean playmate disappears beneath the waves. Aww! Don't let that deter you, pooch. Inter-species friendships sometimes do work out.

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