Toddlers have this thing about making everything they do so darn cute. Maybe it’s their sheer innocence when they scale door frames or shove toy car parts up their noses that makes behaving like a moron so endearing.

Think about it -- if we were caught with our arm stuck up a gumball machine, chances are we’d clear out a ten-foot radius while getting some pretty strange looks. But kids somehow make their mini-monster antics charming and comical.

The only thing better than one misbehaving toddler is two (as long as they aren't yours). Arguments between three and four-year-olds might sound like nothing out of the ordinary, but the hilarious nonsensical blabber they yell at one another makes for some priceless footage.

Check out some of the sassiest little kids in the cutest toddler arguments.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice this pair's use of completely unintimidating yelling. We have no idea what spurred this heated argument, but the girl stands her ground shouting "AND I SAY YES," while he responds with "AND I SAY NO!" This somehow turns into a fight about who said no first, and we can’t help but laugh the entire time.

This 15-month-old spitfire seems pretty upset about something, although we're not sure what exactly that is considering it's impossible to decipher through her ridiculously cute gibberish and occasional spitting. No matter what, it sounds like Janna is set in her toddler ways, and there’s no way the parents are winning this one. If she’s arguing with her mom and dad now, we wish them lots of luck when she hits her teens!

Our next pint-sized tot has a major bone to pick...with himself. Once the little munchkin spots a mirror, he has at it with his reflection. Although we can’t interpret his frustrated tirade, the flailing arms and stomping clearly tell us this little guy has beef about something. When he turns his rant toward the camera, the angry flailing and yelling just increases. Terrifying behavior for an adult. Hilarious behavior for a toddler.

There are few things cuter than a tiny toddler with a scrunched-up face who’s trying to appear extra mean but failing miserably. As our luck would have it, that’s exactly what we have here! Meet the little girl who has perfected the art of the I’m-cuter-than-you-even-when-I’m-angry look. She’s really trying to counteract her irresistibly adorable self with a mad-sounding ‘you’re crazy!,' but it just doesn’t work. And that’s exactly what makes this video so darn cute!

We’ve saved the best toddler argument for last. This video has racked up over 72 million views on YouTube and created a firestorm of hilarious parodies across the net. Featured here are two diaper-clad twin boys who seem to be hashing out some sort of sibling issue in the middle of the kitchen. They try to use loud and squeaky ‘da da da’s’ and ‘bla bla bla’s’ with stern fist-shaking to get their points across, but it only makes this video more adorable. The best part? The little boys can’t even go a minute without cracking themselves up!