Restaurants are famous for jacking up their price on Valentine's Day. While we're not sure what the Eleven in Pittsburgh's February 14th arrangement is, the bill for a redditor's gnomiegnomie romantic Valentine's Day dinner there with his girlfriend was $250.

"This was the nicest restaurant I've been to in my life,' the college student explained on Reddit. "Back to ramen noodles for the rest of the semester."

What made the restaurant particularly nice is that gnomiegnomie didn't have to pay the bill.

During the meal, he says he and girlfriend had smiled at the "adorable" older couple that was seated close to them.

Then when it was time to pay the check, instead they got a note from the couple. "The only request is that someday you pay it forward,' the message read. 'In the meantime, enjoy your youth, enjoy friendship, enjoy love. Be good to each other and good luck."

The generous couple had strategically left the restaurant before their gift arrived, making it impossible for gnomiegnomie to learn more about them or thank them in person.

He does intend to pay the kindness forward. Although he'll probably get more bang for his buck if he chooses a day other than Valentine's to do so.

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