Losing a loved one is never easy. Some of us would pay top dollar to get back a child, a significant other, or a best friend that left us too soon. But what about a dog?

Money is no issue for Edgar and Nina Otto who lost their 11-year-old Golden Labrador, Sir Lancelot, to cancer four years ago. So, how much did the Ottos shell out? $155,000!

This isn't the first time someone's doled out serious dough to bring the dead back to life -- Anderson Cooper once interviewed a woman who spent $50,000 to bring back her dog. In some states, you could buy a house or houses with that kind of cash the Ottos coughed up.

If you think laying down a house's worth of greenbacks is excessive, you should know the Ottos have saved the cremains of several pets that have passed. Sir Lancelot just happened to win the cloning lottery because he was missed the most.

Sounds like the makings of a game show -- 'Which Deceased Pet Will Be Cloned?,' coming to TLC soon!

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