In his video address to the internet, and to Mashable's loyal readers, big-haired late night host Conan O'Brien revealed that he has kicked out the tech blog's CEO and bought the website.

Conan was tired of not getting information on gadgets on the web, and fed up with the "terrible job" Mashable was doing. So he offered CEO Pete Cashmore $3,500 'smackaroos' and took charge of the website.

Watch O'Brien's video rant below.

If you're a bit unaware of all the odd news off late, you should know Conan isn't ending his late night show on TBS to run a tech blog. It's another well executed April Fool's prank. Because a few hours after announcing his intention to take over Mashable, O'Brien made another video address informing viewers he actually made a "mistake." Turns out he bought the wrong website. Happy April Fool's Day!

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