This year, The American Kennel Club officially welcomed three new dog breeds: the Norwegian lundehund, the Mexican hairless Xoloitzcuintli and the Entlebucher mountain dog. (Now try pronouncing them.)

But, apparently, there were five other breeds that made the cut, but weren't announced. Those new dogs made their debut on 'Conan' Wednesday night. Check them out.

So you can add Gucci handbag terriers, Porcupups, All-terrain retrievers, Long-bearded chihuahuas and West African liondoodles to roughly 150 breeds which are already registered to the American Kennel Club. Although we're thinking Porcupups may have some trouble finding loving homes.

The star of the segment was the all-terrain retriever, who refused to embrace his all-terrain nature and just became a regular golden retriever. So much for retrievers being agreeable dogs.

If you could invent your own dog breed what would it be?