Anyone who's done stand-up knows it's not easy. That said, hecklers make it exponentially more difficult than it is to begin with. As a result, most comics understand the "code": You never, ever heckle other comics.

Unfortunately, at a recent open mic night at the Peoples Improv Theater ("The PIT") in New York City, one particular female comedian is alleged to have missed the memo, and the wrath of her fellow comics was captured on video.

Note: the language in the video is NSFW -- unless you work in a comedy club.

If the gal in question did in fact heckle the other comics (if she did, it hasn't been captured on film), that's bad form, not just as a comic, but as a civilized human being at any kind of live performance. However, the crowd's reaction was pretty harsh nonetheless. While they likely weren't heckling this woman because she's female, much of their language wasn't aimed at her material, but at her gender: if a man were onstage, would they really have yelled "butterface?"

The comic who filmed the set, Adam Cozens, told the Huffington Post that the club was considering kicking the woman in question out, but it just didn't happen.

Around the time that it was all coming to a head and it was make or break time in regards to giving her the boot, it was decided to just put her on stage and handle it the way we did," Cozens said.

When asked about the move to give the heckler the spotlight, Cozens added, "I was personally of the belief that everyone should just be completely silent and let her toil in the silence of bombing, but that quickly turned into yelling and heckling her back, which I was more than happy to join in on, as she had heckled me during my set as well."

Comedian Derik Boik, who runs another comedy show in New York City, said that the comic in question is coming to his room to apologize publicly. Hopefully she and the rest of the NYC comedy community can move on from this. And who knows? Perhaps it will inspire some better quality material.

Do you think the crowd's reaction was warranted? Have you ever heckled anyone? Have you ever been heckled? Do you think she deserved what she got? Sound off in the comments!