This university gets an "F" in compassion.

Britain's University of Westminster refused to let student Saima Haq push back her exams after her father passed away, claiming she didn't provide enough evidence.

Haq told BuzzFeed the school has been uncooperative for two weeks when it came to the right way to ask for the postponement:

I went through student services, but they told me it’s not the area they deal with. My course rep told me to email my tutor, who’s been unresponsive for two weeks. My course leader was the only person to advise me on the mitigating circumstances process properly. This all happened the day after his death. I just wanted to sort out my university situation as fast as possible."

Eventually, the school told her that her "claim was rejected because your evidence was not sufficient to support your claim."

Haq tells the Independent, "All I have asked is to defer my exams to July so I can be at home with my mother. I am not asking for a free pass into second year.”

Haq says Westminster wouldn't accept her plea because she provided a copy of the death certificate and not the original one, since he passed away in Tanzania.

The school, meanwhile, stands by its ruling. A spokesman said, "We have clear and robust procedures for students submitting exam deferral requests, which must be substantiated by original, independent documentary evidence.

Amazingly, Westminster looked into the matter again, but confirmed its original decision. Haq now says she is considering transferring.

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