Fresh off his SNL Digital Short swan song, "Lazy Sunday 2", SNL alum and '30 Rock' doctor, Chris Parnell is hoping to combat cat boredom, or "CB", in this hilarious spot for Friskies.

As the video points out in the title card, Cat Boredom is "a national CATastrosphe" and there is "nothing more tragic than a blasé cat". Of course, it's not a disease, but it's waaaaaaaaaaay more boring.

Could Chris be the most underrated talent going? He's had minor roles in '21 Jump Street', 'The Five-Year Engagement', and 'The Dictator' along with voicing Cyril Figgis on 'Archer', stealing scenes on '30 Rock' and even pitching Nokia Lumia phones (see a funny ad below). We're hoping he reprises his role as Garth in 'Anchorman 2.' "Poop mouth" would definitely cure Cat Boredom.