The guac is extra, but likely so is the robot that just made it.

According to, Chipotle is currently testing a robot that assists in the guacamole making process. The plan is to someday debut the technology at locations throughout the U.S.

The fast-casual restaurant's latest foray into robotics with the Autocado is an attempt to cutdown on the amount of time it takes to make its signature guacamole.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. photo

Gizmodo says the robot automates "the most tedious step of making fresh guacamole," peeling and coring the avocados.

The report states that Chipotle's test run of the Autocado shows it "can peel and core 25 pounds of avocados in half the time it takes a human."

Here's how it works...

A worker dumps up to 25 pounds of avocados into the Autocado. The interior of the bin begins to rotate as avocados are pealed and their pits are removed.

The usable portion of the avocados is then deposited into a bowl that can be transported to the guacamole prep station.

The Gizmodo reports the entire guacamole creation process takes about 50 minutes without using Autocado. Chipotle is looking to cut that time in half.

In addition to the Autocado, Chipotle says it is also testing another robot named "Chippy" at one of its California locations.

Chippy will be use to (you probably already guessed this) automate Chipotle's chip making process to allow workers to concentrate on other tasks in the kitchen.

Next, they need to figure out a way to automatically roll the massive amount of ingredients I request in my burrito without everything falling out the side.

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