No amount of cleaning can remove the ugly stain a Chinese detergent now has on its reputation.

This ad for Qiaobi detergent is comes off as pretty racist. That's bound to happen when a black man is shoved into a washing machine like he's in the wood chipper scene in Fargo and comes out as a Chinese man. It's one thing to take out dark stains, like wine or pasta sauce, but to remove an entire skin color? Yeah, that may be stepping just a wee bit over the line of good taste to make your point in the name of commerce.

Interestingly enough, this commercial appears to have been lifted directly -- even the music is the same -- from an old ad for an Italian detergent, with the exception in that spot a black man emerges from the washer. Do you think either of these commercials are racist or is the criticism unjustified?

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