Fans of 'Glee' and 'Star Wars' will get an extra special gift this holiday season when a special Christmas episode of 'Glee' will feature a guest appearance by furry fan favorite Chewbacca. Will he play the mysterious new transfer student who only communicates in growls?

'Glee's' Matthew Morrison, who is also directing this year's Christmas episode, confirmed that George Lucas personally gave the show permission to feature Chewbacca in the episode and sent his official Chewbacca actor to appear in the episode.

Morrison confirmed the news on a recent episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and characterized it as a Christmas special within a Christmas show that pays homage to the infamous 'Star Wars Holiday Special' and 'The Judy Garland Christmas Special.' And no, before you and Kimmel ask, they weren't able to secure Judy to appear in the episode either.

Watch Morrison discussing Chewbacca's upcoming star turn on 'Glee.' Here's hoping he performs Bea Arthur's song from the 'Star Wars Holiday Special' (check it out below).

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