Thanks to a misdirected Twitter message, the world has learned two very interesting things about Charlie Sheen. First, that the 46-year-old actor pals around with teenage pop prince Justin Bieber, and second that Sheen's phone number is ...You'll have to click "read more" to find out.  

Mr. Tiger Blood was trying to send a direct message to the Biebs on Twitter last week but instead mistakenly tweeted the note -- which read  "310-954-7277 Call me bro. C" -- to all of his Twitter followers.

Sheen's digits spread around the Twitter-sphere like wildfire and the former 'Two and a Half Men' star received 1,800 text messages in a matter of minutes. Sheen had a bit of fun with the gaffe, answering some of the endless parade of calls from fans with greetings like "winning" and "Ray's Pizza."

Sheen's Twitter misadventure is reminiscent of fellow bad boy of 2011, Anthony Weiner. In the case of the disgraced former congressman, his making public what was supposed to be a private Twitter message touched off an embarrassing, job-costing sex scandal. Clearly both men don't understand the concept of the direct message function.

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