Charles Barkley is famed for his skills on the court. 23,757 career points, 12,546 rebounds, and 4,215 assists make for a truly great career. But even Sir Charles occasionally needs an assist himself, and he got a great one recently.

Barkley was in Raleigh, NC for the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic, a tournament that raises money for cancer research. Barkley, while in North Carolina, went to a karaoke night and offered up his, uh, inimitable style on a Boyz II Men song.

About a minute in, he's suddenly saved by two members of Boyz II Men, who were also there for the tournament and, we're assuming, either were getting razzed by Barkley and couldn't take it anymore, or just couldn't stand to see their friend be so thoroughly humiliated.

Either way, great assist.