Michael Canaii really wanted to know if his teenager daughter had become involved with gangs. So the New York City man (seen above sitting on the Iron Throne) showed up at her high school right before the morning bell. With a big chain. And an aggressive challenge to anybody -- student or teacher -- who stood in his way.

Barking expletives and swinging his chain, Canaii, who is described as "hulking," roamed the halls of The High School of Graphic Communication Arts in Manhattan in search of his wayward progeny, who lives with her mother. According to his loud complaints his daughter was also smoking pot and not listening to him.

The school's dean was among the many threatened with a beating for getting in Canaii's way. Eventually security cleared the school's halls and began preventing anybody else from entering the building.

When the police arrived Canaii, who never did find his daughter, was arrested for criminal possession of a weapon, menacing and, somewhat ironically, pot possession.

He was also briefly hospitalized. We guess nobody can accuse him of not caring.