Caviar is generally consumed in very small portions. In fact, the delicacy even has its own tiny spoon so you can enjoy a small amount of the slimy fish eggs. Which is why the idea of a caviar speed-eating contestant is so absurd. But that's exactly what went down in a Moscow restaurant Friday night.

The 12 nattily-attired competitors were selected from a lottery. Each competed to see how fast they could eat one pound -- or $5,000 worth -- of fish eggs.

The winner, 49-year-old Alexander Valov, did so in one minute and 26 seconds. His prize for being the first to eat $5,000 of the storied food was $340. (Yup, there's something off about that figure.)

So now Valov is the speed-eating champion in terms of total cost of food eaten. At least he is until Kobayashi gets the chance to down 51 of these $100-a-pop Dragon Dogs.

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