Cats and mice don't get along. It's a tale as old as time. Will there ever be a détente between the rival species? Or will they continue their violent feud until long after Earth is just a memory? The Dastoli Bros.' short film 'Cats in Space' suggests the latter. So let's sit back and watch cats and mice wage intergalactic war on each other.

Since we're on the internet, it's no surprise that the cats win in the end. And if the whole cats and mice in space thing rings a bell, there is a reason. Famous cartoon combatants Itchy and Scratchy engaged in bloody, bloody space battle in 'Scar Trek.' So, yup, 'The Simpsons' already did it.

Still, The Dastoli Bros. get some bonus points for also making an entertaining 'Making of Cats in Space' video. You can check that out below.