When Naples, Florida man Daniel Johns adopted a cat named Waylon back in June, it only took the feline about an hour to decide he wasn't feeling his new digs, and Waylon quickly escaped through a drier vent and out of Johns's life

Six months later, Johns gets a call from Colorado. Waylon, who apparently is more of a cold weather cat, has been taken to the Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden, and his microchip linked him to Johns.

Despite only really owning the cat for a matter of minutes, Johns decided to fly out to Colorado and bring Waylon back home.

Why not, it's an adventure, man, all of life's an adventure," was Johns's response to those who question why he'd go through all the trouble for a pet he hardly knew.

Learn more about the unlikely reunion over on CBS. Here's hoping second time's a charm for Johns and Waylon.